Monday, 16th of March

We have finished the first round of workshops conducted as a part of Science Fair in Fraserburgh. We are positively exhausted and look forward for tomorrow’s groups at the Aberdeen Biodiversity Centre. The biggest surprise of the day was how well behaved kids are and how easy it was to work with them.

Tuesday, 17th of March

Groups in Biodiversity Centre were just terrific! Actively participating in question session, interested in the topic. We would love to have more groups like that!

Saturday, 21nd of March

It’s hard to believe that this is the end! Today we have participated in a Discovery Day at Aberdeen Science Centre. We hosted together dozen of pupils who investigated with us how plants adapt to changes in their environment. Five volunteers even performed an osmosis experiment. Here you can see the picture of their experimental set up from 2 pm. Unfortunately the time was not sufficient to allow the colour to pass through the xylem to the pellets. We encourage you to repeat it again at home!