Public Engagement

Spending hours in front of the computer screen, correcting your own results, getting frustrated with yourself and your work, it’s easy to forget why one decided to ‘do’ science. But then I try to remind myself, that it’s not only about my personal development, about growing, learning, experiencing; but mainly about sharing. About: how I can contribute to the society through my research. How my tiny, tiny finding can be used by other scientific groups and how this knowledge can help achieve something for our common good. How I can encourage others to stay actively curious and show the beauty of science to everyone!

I believe that spreading interest in science among children is one of the obligations I have as a researcher. That is why I am always looking for new opportunities to share my passion to science and already gained knowledge with the youngest audience and try to get involved in as many projects as possible in order to achieve that. That includes public talks, workshops, newsletters, launching my own projects.

The first project I started together with the colleague from the University of Aberdeen, Dr Ahmad Mannan (Are plants like scientists?) will target around 200 children from north part of Scotland, and we are really looking forward to report how it was received.