Are plants like scientists?

In a collaboration with Dr Ahmad Mannan from the University of Aberdeen, with the support from the European project AccliPhot, CEPLAS Cluster of Excellence on Plant Sciences and Aberdeen Biodiversity Centre, we have prepared a project inviting children to the exciting world of plant biology. We blur the lines between different scientific fields so as to raise awareness of the ubiquity of the laws of physics. Through presentations and live experiments, we will demonstrate how plants adapt to various physical perturbations for survival. Moreover, to encourage continued interest outside the classroom, we have designed a set of simple plant experiments that children will be able to repeat on their own.

The objective

of our project is to encourage cross disciplinary thinking, share knowledge, and inaugurate an interest in biophysics. As interdisciplinary researchers we believe that there is no simple division across the fields of science. As such, we wish to disseminate this thought to the next generation of potential scientists by inviting them to view different aspects of life and science in a combined way. In particular, blurring the lines between biology and physics will show how these disciplines intertwine. We believe we can achieve this goal by introducing children to the basic laws of nature, using plants as our examples.

We would like to thank

Yashka Smith, Marie Fish, Heather Doran, Leann Tait, Mark Paterson, Peter Nurick, Adam Price, Stephanie Schelder and Andreas Burkart for their support, valuable comments and ideas altogether allowing us to present the project to more than 200 children.


If you would like to leave us some comment regarding the project or give us a feedback after one of the sessions please contact don’t hesitate to contact one of us: Anna or Ahmad.

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