About Me

I was born and raised in Poland and that’s where my heart is despite all travels. Since 2012 I feel like a true european citizen, having an opportunity to live and work in Scotland, Germany and Switzerland. Nevertheless I hope to one day use my knowledge and experience to contribute to polish science.

I am a PhD student funded by Marie Skłodowska-Curie scheme. I have started my position as an Early Stage Researcher in the project AccliPhot in September 2013 in Scotland, and have moved to Germany in May 2014. Currently am working on my German, but one of the goals I have set to myself is to someday make this website trilingual.

By background I am a mathematician but I also hold a degree in pharmacology related studies. In 2011 I had graduated in Mathematics from Gdańsk University of Technology (Poland) and after a one year episode in finance I had continued my education pursuing in 2013 my second master degree in Drug Discovery and Development from the University of Aberdeen (Scotland).

I was interested in applying my mathematical knowledge to medical research already during my first master and this interest resulted in a joint project with Gdańsk Medical University on survival analysis of patients with a lung cancer. Fascination with medicine and biology pushed me to apply for a one year master program at the College of Life Sciences and Medicine, University of Aberdeen. And even though it was a crazy idea to start such studies without any background in pharmacology, several sleepless nights with Rang and Dale helped me to graduate with Commendation.

I hope that this website might serve as a good insight for young students considering starting their PhD projects and wondering ‘how it all may look like’.

I also hope that my family, friends and colleagues will find here simple descriptions of my work and achievement, so they will stop being frustrated every time I try to talk about my work.

Finally, I simply wish to train my writing skills, so any comments and suggestions how I can improve my style are more than welcome! Enjoy your read.

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