Project description

The session with children will be initiated with a short presentation introducing children to the world of plant biology, highlighting the importance of plants for our existence. We will broaden the awareness of ‘dependencies’ through the examples of the food chain and hunger, and their impact on our existence. Next, through discussion and experiments, we will learn together how plants produce oxygen, how they grow, and what we can do to ensure good growing conditions for our plants. We will demonstrate how plants direct themselves to a light source, which light colours and intensities they require, and how the needs of plants are the same as ours: eat, drink, breath and grow. These needs will be presented in the way to appreciate how many physical laws are obeyed by plants in order to grow towards the sun and protect themselves against damaging conditions, such as extensive light.

We designed a range of public materials that educate and promote these topics. These include our ‘open access’ presentation (available for after the workshops) and a ‘keep-sake’ flyer (available for download) detailing experiments we performed together.

Where can you hear us?

On Monday, 16th of March we will be conducting workshops as part of the Fraserburgh Science Fair [pdf, width=75%, height = 75%][/pdf]

On Tuesday and Wednesday, 17-18th of March we will be hosted by Aberdeen Biodiversity Centre.

On Saturday, 21st of March we will support Discovery Day in the Satrosphere Science Centre in Aberdeen.